Fail Video

Fail Video

When your down, whatever the reason, I've only found one thing that makes me feel better. People. 

These creatives that I have surrounded myself by are not only talented, they are kind. They are passionate, driven, and charming. 

Please meet SOME of my team, (more people to come in following weeks):

Juan Ariza
(Director, DP)

Miami born, Colombian raised.

I seek vibrancy in people, moments and things. Always up for having a great time no matter what the situation requires of your behavior.




Erick Mejia "El pinche Erick"
(Model, Dancer, Director)

Chicago born, Mexican raised.

I try to connect with the ones I'm working with, so we can create a comfortable zone to work at a 100% in all areas, aspects and talents.
Tessa Clemons

From: McHenry, IL

Aspirations: My goal everyday is to achieve happiness and success in doing what I love. I strive to be the best I can be by always putting in the work to learn more. Working with others gives me the opportunity to express my creative side while expanding my knowledge from the best in the business! I am forever grateful for everyone I have worked with and met along my journey ❤💯
Alexander LaValley

From Greenfield, Massachusetts

A huge goal of mine is to expand my horizons as an artist and learn as much as possible. As a Fashion Design student at Columbia College Chicago. I have been given so many opportunities to learn and create in Chicago. Lately I have been focusing on working with different mediums and different artists.

Malcolm Sharkey
(Model/Talent Scout)

Chicago, Illinois.

Aspirations: to create an opportunity with the team that increase our impact in modeling, designers, photography, muas as we grow.


Nikki Macey

From: St Charles, Illinois

Aspirations: I always try to enthusiastically be myself to show that anyone can do anything that they wanted. the most important thing is doing what makes you happy, which is exactly what I strive to always do.





And me: Tania Mackey

From: Chicago, Illinois. 

Aspirations: to make me and all of these wonderful people rich and famous. 


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