McClurg Court Pool Shoot

McClurg Court Pool Shoot

I just can't stop shooting by the pool!  

Spring 2021 - Miami Vibes 

NICZKA has two new outfits this week! The dress and two piece garment are two different prints, two different patterns. 

I am obsessed with how this fabric shines in the sun, it's perfect for outdoor events and parties by the pool. 

Here are the pieces I have made this week:

  1. Slip Dress - Asymmetrical hem line, slit up the side of the leg, cowl neck, delicate beaded spaghetti straps 
  2. Cowl Slip Top - Delicate beaded halter strap, also strap that goes around back with a clasp to open. Matching shorts!
  3. Octagon Jacket - adorable, comfy white jacket with zipper front. It's the perfect summer jacket to slip on when the breeze comes in the evening. 

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