Music is the Answer

Music is the Answer

What a perfect gloomy morning to let you in on my little secret. 

I'm making exclusive NICZKA collections, that can be personalized with fabric, style, and logos.

I've always wanted to make merch for artists, producers, and music labels. Being extremely passionate about house and electronic music, it has always fit seamlessly within my brand. Bad pun.

I'm going to offer top of the line, exclusive, WAY cooler merch to sell to fans, promote on social media, etc. Merch lines are extremely boring, limited, and lack creativity. I am about to break through that wall, and give you an amazing piece while you rep your favorite artist. 

As NICZKA is still my own clothing line itself, I will offer these changes to customers as well. There will be an "off the rack price", if you want to buy stock items, and then there will be "exclusives", which are made to order. 

These collections are getting put together now and will be out VERY soon, so please stick around to find out. 

The possibilities are endless, so make a piece or collection with me. 


AlvaForm dress forms and virtual avatars

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