Hello Everyone, 

I'm writing these blogs from the comfort of my own home. Which is my decision, and also the governments. I have been quarantined for two weeks now, and we still have another month. SO. I decided to start this blog to talk to you, if anyone reads this, and give you some background on my projects and clothing I am making. 


HIstory behind the purchase. 

Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Tania. I started NICZKA. 


This is me repping my beanie. I would tell you to buy one, but why would you? You don't know who you're repping. Let me tell you a little about how this started. 

I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer - went to school - spent a lot of money that I will pay off for the rest of my life - and then re-taught myself everything after college anyway. I'm very stubborn, I will do this or die trying. Pretty sure I'm not good at anything else anyway. 


THEN - a year ago I got fed up with not having my own company. I got my LLC, and started building. Let me tell you what's important for the NICZKA brand. Quality: we know every percentage of fabric content, hand pick every notion, and work face to face with our production team. Chicago bred: all design, pattern making, manufacturing, etc. is all done here in Chicago. We like to keep it local. 

Let me answer your fit questions. Alterations? Custom? A top doesn't fit and you don't know why? I got you. 

Email me at info@niczka.com for requests or browse my collections at www.niczka.com. Or just say hi. @niczka.co




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