Seasonal Layering


As I start my new collection, Winter 2020, I wanted to explain my seasonal layering, or how I do it, in Chicago.   

First off you should know I'm not doing seasons or collections traditionally. Covid-19 kind of lit seasons on fire they say, but I think most designers will go back to tradition.

I want to do it differently, partially because I think it works for me, partially because I want things to get launched as season is approaching/here, partially because who cares?

Fall jackets! I just made these jackets above in a men's and women's cut, and they are warm, sleek, and very well fitted. Know how to dress in the Midwest! This jacket and a long sleeve underneath will leave you very comfortable in 40-50 degree weather.  

What is to come: Winter coats - they are different. In my vlog - at the bottom of the page - I show you sketches for new pieces in the collection. Including warm jackets. Can't wait to not want to scream every time I'm outside. 

DO NOT HESITATE to email ( or DM me with questions about custom.  

Also: new vlog! Click on my face to learn about my inspiration and sketches.  

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