Size/First Vlog - 10.16.20


Three measurements. One measuring tape. That's it, lets go.  

Bust/Chest: Measure over nipples, biggest part of chest. Raise arms to put measuring tap around, and then put arms back down before taking measurement.  

Waist: Measure around natural waist, smallest part of your waist. To find this measurement, keep feet in place and bend torso to the side. crease at which your body bends will be your natural waist. 

Hip: Measure around the low hip, the biggest part of your butt. 

Make sure each time you measure the tape is level with the ground. 

Plug these measurements (inches) into my size chart on my site, and you will have your NICZKA size.

DO NOT HESITATE to email ( or DM me with questions about sizing.  

Also: new vlog I'm starting! Click below me pulling my hair out to watch. 

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