Underwater Shoot

Underwater Shoot

Last weekend NICZKA did our first underwater shoot! I was fortunate enough to work with this team to make it happen:

  • Neil Bloom: videographer @futurememorymedia
  • Albert Jr. "Cheeks" @cheeksphoto
  • Gabby Zepeda : HMUA @gabrielaemilyzepeda
  • Ana Priscila : HMUA @enamoradadelavita
  • Kellen Frisca : Model @k_kbabe
  • Tess Clemons : Model @tessaclemonsmodeling
  • Tania Mackey : Designs/Styling @niczka.co

Here are the some of the photos from the shoot: 

Neil was also nice enough to put a video clip together for the blog, this is the coolest video we've done! :

Video Clip 




Hope you enjoyed!

This week I am making 6 more looks, and will have another photoshoot this weekend. I will share next week on my vlog/blog. 

In the meantime, follow my new portals :)





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