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Have that one outfit in mind but cant find it anywhere? Or maybe it doesn't fit you correctly. Or maybe it's not the color or fabric type you prefer. NICZKA has your covered. 

Design clothing and custom garments with me and my Chicago tailors. Designing clothing in Chicago is rare, and we are here to change that. Follow are simple three step process so that you can have your new custom garment finally! 

  • custom clothing patterns and fitting

    Pick your "Block"

    First, you will decide what garment you want to create with NICZKA. You will pick from an assortment of blocks, also called patterns, that our brand has already created. This will be your base for your garment. (Example: dress, joggers, jacket, etc.)

    Feel free to bring in your own idea or sketch to create. Extra fee may apply.

  • fabric

    Choose Fabric

    Next, you will pick the fabric you would like your NICZKA garment to be made out of. You can pick from:

    A. an assortment of sustainable, organic, or recycled fabrics we have selected already and have in house

    B. We can source new fabric for your project

    C. Bring in your own fabric (but it needs to be approved by designer first before production.)

  • sewing machine

    Design with Me

    Lastly, you will decide your final touches. If you are picking from a NICZKA block, you will be deciding to add zipper pockets, a hood, make you jacket 4" longer, etc. This is the time to make the garment your own.

    If we are starting from scratch (your idea), we will be finalizing your sketch.

    Now, sit back and wait for your custom garment to be ready for your first fitting!

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