Sewing Classes

Hello Everyone!

Sewing classes are finally here! We're going to start slow, with this first class being making a throw pillow. Watch out for new classes and new dates being added, and as always, please email me at with any questions. 




  • Sewing 101
    • Introduction to Sewing: The Pillow
      • Description: Start from the beginning! (And all the while; make a pillow!) In this two hour class we're going to break down your machine: change your needle, thread your machine, learn settings. Then break down fabric handling: how to use a seam ripper, cutting, pinning, laying patterns and grain. Then sewing: how to lock in the stitch, sew a straight line, pressing and viola! Your brand new throw pillow.
        • Alcohol: This is  sip and sew! Please bring wine, or other beverage to sip on during class. The shop will have a bottle opener and plastic glasses. 
      • Pricing: This class is going to be around 2 hours, could be a little more, a little less. Base price for the class is $40. Materials for this pillow are a 12x12 insert ($9), and fabric, ($10) =$59.
        • If you want to bring your own materials, please bring stuffing or your own insert, and enough fabric. Fabric should be cut the inserts measurements: height + 1” width x 2 + 6”.
        • Payment: Classes will take Venmo, Zelle, or cash
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