Made in Chicago.

NICZKA pieces are designed, sourced, and produced in house.

All garments and patterns are produced in XS-2XL, EXCEPT exclusives. Exclusives mean that this garment is only produced in the current fabric and size, duplicates cannot be made.


Men’s Matrix Maniac Jacket-NICZKAMen’s Matrix Maniac Jacket-NICZKA


  • Pick Your Block

    First, you will decide what garment you want to create with NICZKA. You will pick from an assortment of blocks, also called patterns, that our brand has already created. This will be your base for your garment.

  • Choose Fabric

    Next, you will pick the fabric you would like your NICZKA garment to be made out of. you can pick from an assortment of sustainable, organic, or recycled fabrics. We have selected already what fabric you can chose from for what garments.

  • Design with Me

    Lastly, you will decide your final touches. Decide to add zipper pockets, a hood, or make you jacket 4" longer. This is the time to make the garment your own. Now, sit back and wait for your custom garment to be ready for your first fitting!

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