About Us


NICZKA is a high-end, luxury, electro clothing brand.
We have women's and men's clothing including faux leather dresses, cargo pants, bomber jackets, etc. We are perfect for the edgy millennial looking for unique, quality clothing without breaking the bank. The NICZKA customer is the artist, the rebel, the accountant listens to house music.
Our core capabilities include:
Design: Chicago design with European influences. This appeals to a big market, and has not yet been tapped into. Edgy and electronic but appropriate and clean.
Production: Quality fabric and construction. Every time.
Service: Small, passionate team. Everything happens quickly, efficiently, with tons of value. 
NICZKA has the power of being completely transparent. All alterations, samples for collections, patterns, and sourcing is done in house in Chicago by a very small, passionate team. When collections get bigger (but still small batch), they are cut and sewn in Kiev, Ukraine by a very talented team. NICZKA now has the ability to make large collections and orders if need be. Work environments, and the environment, are important to us.
NICZKA is now located at 3140 N Lincoln Ave Chicago. Our exclusive, modern studio features all of our artisan clothing, and we also showcase other local designer artists, including: jewelry, backpacks, handbags, candles, soap, etc.
NICZKA was founded by Tania Mackey, a Chicago raised fashion designer. “I learned at a young age clothing can do wonders for your self esteem. I have always used clothing as a tool to look and feel better, and now my gift is packaging this up and being able to give it to you." - Tania
Thanks for stopping by, please contact us with any questions.