About Us

NICZKA is a Chicago based, high-end, electronic clothing line. We're looking to help your everyday style be effortless and easy. From edge to fit, we have you covered. We create a way for locals to be inclusive in the design process regarding ethical, exclusive clothing. The client will be a part of the design process as much as they prefer. We can get very personalized according to design, logo, etc. 

NICZKA was founded by Tania Mackey, a Chicago raised fashion designer. "I want to use my design, production, and technical skills to help people create exclusive custom pieces, all while being sustainable. I have worked with countless clothing companies that have production overseas, and I decided fashion deserve to stay local. I like knowing what I am using in my products, where and how it's made, and supporting Chicago along the way." - Tania

Thanks for stopping by, please contact us with any questions.