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9 Tips on How to Look Confident and Expensive

1. Long Coats 

Different coats are always needed, but to look expensive, go for a long coat over a short puffer. At least to the knee, it will make you look more lux. Now if you buy one and you need it hemmed/altered, are services are available at the NICZKA clothing shop,even on outside garments. Learn more or make an appointment here.

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2. Structured Bags

Minimal hardware, sleek line, and quality construction are what to look for in a bag. BV bags, (with these qualities), are available for purchase in our clothing shop.

3. Tailored Garments 

When everything fits well, you look like you know what you are doing/where you are going. You don't need a corporate wardrobe to look structured. Click here for our alterations service information. If you would like a piece made from scratch that won't need alterations, click here.

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4. Sunglasses 

When in doubt, go big and black. It will add the extra confidence boost to any outfit. 

5. French Tuck 

Half tucked, half not. Adding structure to an outfit is ideal, but the easiness of the half untucked makes it a little less stuffy. Tucked all the way way with a sleek belt is a way as well, (for more formal occasions).

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6. Better Jewelry

Avoid plastic, in anyway.  Avoid polishes that wear. Architectural is the most sleek, expensive looking, in my opinion. "Locked and Layered" pieces have this style and fabulous polishes, and our available in our shop.

7. Pointy Shoes

Round toes are not my favorite, sorry. If you want a quick way to look expensive, slip on some pointy pumps. Point means business and adds extra polish to an outfit. 

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8. Skincare

Glowing skin, clean nails, brushed hair, do not overlook these things. Being clean cut will finish your polished look. Plus, a little Tom Ford beauty never hurt anyone. 

9. Staples 

Staple pieces and silhouettes are necessary for your closet. First start off with your key pieces (leather jacket, blazer, button up, work pants, etc.) and then build your style and rest of your wardrobe on top of these pieces. Let your one staple designer piece take over your outfit and make you feel amazing!

If you need a custom staple piece start here.

If you would like your staple pieces altered start here.



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